Autumn Hedgerow Bouquet in Copper Bowl with Butterflies 14 x 11

2004 – 9½” x 8½”W


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For my first textile still life, I chose to depict a small autumn bouquet in a naturalistic style.    I found some lovely nubby black-brown fabric showing metallic copper highlights perfect for the bowl, then gathered bits of yardage and fat quarters of various leaf motifs and others resembling wild grasses and bracken – plus I came across darling little metallic confetti maple leaves (these later would get me into lots of trouble – refer to Hill Country Sunset comments).   Each of the metallic maple leaves I used had to be needle-pierced in the stem so they could be sewn onto fabric ‘branches’ – a tedious process.   With this piece I began my use of Swarovski crystals to give the illusion of sunlight sparkling on grass and foliage.    This is also the first of my ‘window sill’ pictures – ten of the fourteen pieces I’ve done so far use the device of a window frame, often made of grosgrain ribbon, to show off the landscape or still life.

Another of my frequent trademarks is also seen here for the first time – small charms or fabric cut-outs placed on the foreground window sill – here, either side of the bowl, are a few acorns with bead stems and attached oak leaves.    Three autumn butterflies flutter above the bouquet – their bodies are made from a mottled cotton, and their antennae are of black glue-stiffened top-stitch thread with tiny beads sewn to the ends; all display sequins, or cut bits thereof, sewn on wings cut from metallic fabric – one’s butterfly’s wings are edged in black lace.

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